Echeveria (Hen and Chicks)

Echeveria is a genus of succulents in the Crassulaceae family, native to Central America. It includes over a hundred species of succulent plants.
Echeveria is popular mostly because of its attractive rosettes of fleshy, brightly colored leaves. When it blooms it produces beautiful, bell-shaped flowers on a tall arching stalk.

Name meaning

The genus name is given in honor of the Mexican botanical artist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy, who lived in 18th century.

Echeveria symbolism

Echeveria is a symbol of endurance.

Interesting facts about Echeveria

Echeveria Hybrids

Echeverias have been extensively hybridized. There are many varieties created by enthusiasts and botanists, in order to obtain more brightly colored flowers or leaves.

Echeveria Has Natural Sunscreen

Sometimes, it’s possible to find a wax or powdery layer on the leaves of the Echeveria, which is a natural protection against the sun.
This powder is called epicuticular wax or farina, and it acts as a natural sunscreen for the plant and should not be removed. Once its been removed it cannot grow back!

Benefits and Uses

Echeveria makes a great office plant because it requires very little maintenance.
EFIG (European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups) named Echeveria as Office Plant of the Year 2014.

Echeveria Plant Data