About us

We are flower lovers and enthusiasts who see the real beauty of our natural environment, with a dream of having a website where we could share all the knowledge we have. Our passion for nature has led us to create this website, which is designed to be a hub of ideas and information for people who are interested in flowers. Our goal is to make an ultimate flower database, but your expectations and needs is our first priority and our daily challenge.

Learn about flower types, their meanings and their history, and find out more about how to grow them successfully. There is so much you can learn about flowers and the photos are accompanied by fun facts and folklore. Learn about them from A to Z! It’s fun and education all in one!

We are constantly adding new content to the website and our social media pages. We would love to hear your feedback so we can celebrate what we do well and focus on what we could do better! Please feel free to comment on our services and share your experiences with others. We wish you to have a good time on our website and all our social media networks!