Justicia (Jacobinia)

Justicia is a large genus of about 600 species of evergreen perennials and shrubs in the family Acanthaceae, native to Americas, Africa and India.
Justicia has unusual spikes of tubular flower clusters, and leaves which are often strongly veined. This attractive shade-loving plant is easy to grow and easy to propagate.

Name meaning:

The genus was named in honor of Scottish horticulturist James Justice (1698–1763).

Justicia symbolism:

Justicia means grace and perfection of female loveliness.

Interesting facts about Justicia:

Brazilian Plume Flower (Justicia carnea)

Justicia carnea, commonly known as Brazilian Plume Flower, is a shade loving perennial shrub with large and striking dark green leaves, and exotic tubular flowers that bloom throughout the summer in colors ranging from orange to pink and purple. It is great for borders, containers and flower beds.

Benefits and Uses

Some species are popular as ornamental plants, especially those with large and showy blooms.
Justicia is great in shady entryways, porches and patios. It is also effective when planted as a groundcover and it’s suitable for containers and pots.

Plant Type:

Perennials, Shrubs


Justicia comes in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, white and cream.