Kerria (Japanese Kerria; Japanese Rose)

Kerria is a genus of one species – Kerria japonica, in the family Rosaceae, found in the East Asia.
Kerria japonica is a spring-flowering deciduous shrub that produces 5-petaled, bright yellow flowers and sharply toothed leaves. Although the primary bloom period is spring, it still blooms sporadically throughout the summer, creating a colorful show.

Name meaning

The genus name was given in honor of William Kerr (1779-1814), a Scottish gardener and plant collector.

Kerria symbolism

Kerria symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Interesting facts about Kerria

There are several cultivars of Kerria:

  • Pleniflora” is an old fashioned, double flowered cultivar which resembles a Chrysanthemum. It has simple leaves and wonderful double yellow flowers. The plant grows to a size of 4 metres (13 ft) when fully grown.
  • Golden Guinea” and “Honshu” are single flowered cultivars with large leaves.
  • Picta” is a low-growing and slowly spreading cultivar which produces 5-petaled, rose-like flowers.
  • Kin Kan” is a cultivar which has green and yellow striped stems with small single yellow flowers
  • Albiflora” is also known as “White kerria”, though its single flowers are actually pale, butter yellow with bright yellow stamens.

Kerria Plant Data