Kolkwitzia (Beauty Bush)

Kolkwitzia is a genus of only one species – Kolkwitzia amabilis, a deciduous shrub originated in China. Kolkwitzia is a member of the Caprifoliaceae family, also known as the honeysuckle family.
It produces clusters of bell-shaped, white or pink flowers with a yellow throat, and opposite dark green leaves. This beautiful and adaptable beauty is perfect for any garden!

Name meaning:

The name was given after the professor of botany in Berlin – Richard Kolkwitz (1873 – 1956).

Kolkwitzia symbolism:

Kolkwitzia symbolizes beauty and grace.

Interesting facts about Kolkwitzia:

Is Kolkwitzia Invasive?

Kolkwitzia amabilis is rare in the wild, but widely cultivated as an ornamental plant.
Apart from its beauty, Kolkwitzia does not have any of the invasive characteristics that other plants in Caprifoliaceae family have.

Plant Type:



The flowers are soft pink to white, each with a yellow troat.