Trollius (Globe flower)

Trollius, commonly known as Globe flower, is a genus of about 30 species of mostly herbaceous perennials in the family Ranunculaceae, native to Europe, Asia and Americas.   Trollius have finely dissected, dark green foliage and large, buttercup-shaped or ball-shaped flowers atop tall stems in shades of yellow and orange, blooming in spring and summer.

Name meaning:

The genus name comes from the German word “trollblume”, which means “globular flower”, and refers to the multitude of sepals that surround the petals, forming a round globe shape.

Trollius symbolism:

Trollius is a symbol of gratitude.

Interesting facts about Trollius:

Trollius plants are popular food plant for many insects, especially moths.
Only small insects manage to enter to pollinate.

Plant Type:



These beautiful flowers bloom in shades of yellow and orange.

This flower symbolizes