Ursinia (African Daisy)

Ursinia is a genus of about 40 species of annuals, herbaceous perennials and subshrubs in the family Asteraceae, native to South Africa.
Ursinia is popular for its daisy-like, showy flowers that bloom all season long. The flowers attract bees, as well as other beneficial insects.

Name meaning:

The name is given in honor of Johannes Heinrich Ursinus (1608–1667), a botanist from Germany who was the author of Arboretum Biblicum.

Ursinia symbolism:

Ursinia is a symbol of innocent love.

Interesting facts about Ursinia:

Attracting Pollinators With Optical Illusion

The recent research shows that some plants (including Ursinias) use a trick of physics, an optical effect to attract the pollinators such as bees.
Bees have a preference to the color blue, but it’s hard for plants to make that color in their petals so they produce ethereal halos of blue light around their petals, visible to bees.
In other words, the plants are using disorder to generate a specific color in order to attract pollinators, which is an interesting fact from an evolutionary point of view.

Plant Type:

Annuals, Perennials


Ursinia has daisy-like yellow, red or orange flowers.