Xeranthemum (Xeranthemum)

Xeranthemum is a genus of 6 species of annuals in the family Asteraceae, native to the Mediterranean and southwestern Asia.
The members of this genus are known for their silvery foliage and colorful, daisy-like, papery flowers. They have alternate, undivided leaves and compact heads of small florets on long stalks. They are great cut flowers and are suited to both formal and modern style arrangements.

Name meaning:

The name “Xeranthemum” is derived from the Greek words “xeros” (“dry”) and “anthemon” (“flower”).

Xeranthemum symbolism:

Xeranthemum is a symbol of cheerfulness, immortality, eternity and everlasting love.

Interesting facts about Xeranthemum:

Annual Everlasting or Immortelle (Xeranthemum annuum)

Xeranthemum annuum is a flowering plant native to eastern Europe and western Asia. The plant is treated as an endangered species in some countries, such as Slovakia and Czech Republic.

It is one of the most popular everlasting flowers. Its blooms make wonderful cut flowers and dried flowers. The blooms are often used in dry bouquets, flower arrangements, crafts and decorations.
Everlasting flowers are flowers that retain their form, shape and color when dried, offering their beauty beyond the experience of one growing season, after the other flowers have faded and died.

Plant Type:



These flowers come in shades of pink, purple and white.